Expand your knowledge in an instant

Leverage AI to Drive Compliance and Increase Engagement

If you are spending endless hours answering your staff’s questions instead of improving your business, if your staff aren’t getting the answers they need in an instant, if you are struggling to keep up with ever changing regulations, sheri.ai is for you.

sheri.ai - expand your knowledge in an instant


Take Back Your Time

Stop spending countless hours answering the same employee questions about company policies and keeping up with the latest policy changes and updates

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Empower Employees

A solution that provides a quantum leap in efficiency and engagement by answering all follow-up questions and engaging in conversations with employees

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Boost Productivity

Supercharge with sheri.ai. Sheri is highly knowledgeable and engaging, focusing on simplicity and ease of use, enabling immediate integration with existing processes

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sheri.ai - build and share your own apps in minutes!

Build and share your personalized apps - in minutes

  • Drag and drop in all your relevant documents with no limit
  • Bring in links from the public domain or your intranet
  • Specify the relevant focus areas you want your topic to have
  • Share a common repository of content
  • Share your custom topics with colleagues or friends
Collaborate directly with colleagues, integrate your new gen-AI team members into your organisation!

Get instant, relevant answers to your key topics

  • Ask any question about your topic and get answers in real time
  • Let sheri.ai do the heavy lifting, giving you options to further your knowledge with additional insights
  • Instantly identify anomalies within your policies or gaps between them and industry regulations

With Enterprise Level Security and Governance at the core

GDPR Compliant

ISO27001 Certified

Sensitive Data Masking

Our Latest News & Updates

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The risks and pitfalls in using ChatGPT as part of your day to day tasks at work

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The AI Revolution in Business Analytics

From Data to Insights: How AI is Revolutionising Business Analytics

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What our clients say

Read some of the recent feedback from our clients and what they have to say about sheri.ai

“An Indispensable tool!”

"As a busy entrepreneur, sheri.ai has been a lifesaver. Its document reading capabilities have transformed the way I handle contracts and agreements. It quickly identifies crucial terms and conditions, allowing me to make informed decisions without spending hours poring over legal jargon. Sheri.ai has become an indispensable tool in my business toolkit."

David Anderson (Entrepreneur)

“Empowering our Business”

"sheri.ai's document reading AI has been a tremendous asset for our travel department. By sharing with our travelers, we've been able to give them a 1-stop-shop for all of their policy and visa queries, answering in seconds rather than minutes or hours. On top of this, it has freed up our time to better manage our polices and contracts, supporting the business more strategically"

Jennifer Martinez (Travel Manager)

“Scanning and Summarizing Research Papers”

"Being a researcher, sheri.ai has been an invaluable tool for my work. It swiftly scans through research papers, helping identify relevant information, and providing summaries. This saves me an incredible amount of time, allowing me to delve deeper into my analysis."

Dr. Michael Roberts (Research Scientist)

“Great for Exam Preparation"

“I've been using sheri.ai as part of my degree and the difference in my ability to consume knowledge is night and day. I can load my papers and lecture notes in from the whole semester and then ask any question or generate a quiz. This is going to be great for my exam preparation.”

Sophia Monroe (Student)

“Freedom to do my job”

"sheri.ai has revolutionized the way we share documents in our organization. As an HR assistant, I used to spend hours answering questions from staff. With Sheri.ai, my staff can get the answers they need directly, allowing me to focus on more important tasks. It's a game-changer!"

Sarah Johnson (HR Assistant)